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Daily Activities

  • Students learning how to sow Fenugreek
  • Creative Writing with Ms. Chhavi
  • Fun with Science Mr. Patpatia
  • Sewing and Stitching by Ms. Aanchal
  • The students of SSK built a helicopter and a crane from the tools provided in Techno Mechanical Set
  • Science Class at SSK : 30 April 2024
  • The students of SSK have begun organic farming in the campus of Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research

The students of SSK, with the support of our Management, have begun organic farming in the campus of Ambala college of Engineering and Applied Research, under the guidance of Dr. Rajendra from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ambala. We are in the process of making 78 seed beds which will be distributed and worked on by students and the teachers of SSK. We have already sown our first set of seeds which include, Bitter gourd (karela), Okhra (Bhindi), Pumpkin (Kaddu), two types of Cucumber (Kheera and kakdi), Sponge gourd (Ghiya), Zucchini (tori). This project is mainly to promote literacy through agriculture and to help understand the need for progressive farming.