Dr. Rishi Kant

Rishi Kant joined mdi as Head, IT, IP and Strategy with a rich and diverse background in product management, entrepreneurship and research. At mdi, Rishi has helped streamline and optimise business processes to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness in the area of automation and technology solutions implementation.

Rishi holds a PhD in Engineering from Stanford University, where he focused on micro/nano-fabrication techniques and developed innovative processes and simulators. He also holds MS and BSc degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley.

Rishi started his professional journey at McKinsey & Company helping clients with their business strategy and operations challenges.After this, he moved into product management and applied his skills at multiple software companies specializing in big data analytics, AVML and cybersecurity

After his PhD, Rishi worked as a Research Scientist at University of California, San Francisco in Dr Shuvo Roy’s lab in the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences (BTS), where he developed silicon-based nanoporous filters for use in an implantable, artificial kidney. His contributions helped increase the filter throughput by 10x (2 patents awarded), and culminated in a successful animal experiment which demonstrated viability of using the filters as an implantable hemodialyzer. He also helped launch the project for implanting donor islets encased in silicon membranes, for treatment of diabetes, which is still being carried on in the Roy lab.